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DEPRESSION ERA STATE GUIDEBOOK - WPA - KY - .95 DEPRESSION ERA STATE GUIDEBOOK - WPA - AL - .95 DEPRESSION ERA STATE GUIDEBOOK - WPA - MO - .95 Printed under the direction of the government these fantastic research books, guides with maps, descriptions, and photos to every part of the state, directed you to the remote historic sites of almost 60 years ago.Published as part of the WPA to create work during the great depression, no expense was spared.De esta forma, rechazamos el modelo del palimpsesto y proponemos que hubo una sola fase de ocupación en estos sitios.Gracias a estudios como los análisis por OSL y radiocarbono, hemos determinado que la cerámica de supuesto origen precolombino fue fabricada en el período histórico y que los sitios arqueológicos no fueron ocupados antes del siglo dieciséis.Fifty years ago, Heyerdahl and Skjølsvold (1956, 1990) collected material from five archaeological sites in the Galápagos Islands. Consequently, they argued that each site was formed as the results of a series of discard events from unrelated short-term occupations extending from the precolumbian to the historical era, and that the earthenwares represented occasional visits by fishermen from precolumbian Peru and Ecuador.

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123 7.5 x 11 pages, profusely illustrated to enable positive identification, this publication should be in all Civil War buff’s library.

Hace cincuenta años Heyerdahl y Skjølsvold (1956, 1990) recuperaron material arqueológico en cinco sitios de las Islas Galápagos.

Estos investigadores se enfocaron en los fragmentos de cerámica de supuesto origen precolombino y descartaron los artefactos posteriores a la llegada de los europeos, en 1535 d. Asimismo, sostuvieron que estos sitios eran “palimpsestos”, resultado de la acumulación de materiales culturales durante distintas etapas de ocupación, desde el período prehistórico hasta tiempos modernos.

According to Collectors Weekly, buttons from the Civil War are especially desired and are categorized as dug or non dug, depending on whether or not they have been excavated.

BURIED TREASURES OF CALIFORNIA - .95 By WC Jameson After reading these 30 revived tales of wealth and splendor, readers will be tempted to throw some supplies into a backpack like the forty-niners of yore.

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