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Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Just ask all the lonely silicon valley "nerds" making six figures but going well into late 20's and 30's without ever having a girlfriend. Do some research on single women taking vacations to the D. I believe that they teach blacks to hate whites in American schools.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Then you should pay attention to the young black males that constantly criticize black women for dating white or Asian males, and the young black males who ridicule whitey for dating a black woman.PEOPLE was unable to reach Jackson’s attorney for comment.It is unclear if and how he has pleaded to the charges against him.

But other than that, just another joe smoe looking for a way to make women think you are more than you really are. i rarely if ever hear any black men complaining about the white men taking all their ladies. Asian men complain all the time behind closed doors about this. They generally aren't comfortable with their women dating anybody outside of race.

Now black women, if they don't marry other than black men then they have a lesser chance to advantage their economic and social status. If you are a manager, then you could have the power to deny someone a job or home loan. Don't have the numbers to back it up but pretty sure that of all places New York would be the one place where non whites happen to be doing much better financially than their counterparts in other parts of the U. Not throwing shade on anyone specifically, but those that tend to put white men on a pedestal tend to be the ones that wish they were white.

Same for white women that are in foreign countries, they will marry the men that have power in that country. Another lie that has been pushed onto women for decades if not centuries. Unless you are part of the wealthy elite...are just another average dude whose only "power" is in lining up with the supremacist "mentality" of those that truly run this country.

and allegedly attacked him with a large sword, stabbing him repeatedly.

Caughman stumbled into a police department with stab wounds to his chest and back and died later at a hospital, according to a police statement obtained by PEOPLE.

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