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The employment age of Saudi Arabia is 13, yet there are restrictions on the type of work and the length of work (6 hours a day). There is no specific age restriction for marriage, but as dictated by Islamic tradition, the age of marriage must “ensure happiness for both spouses and prevent the countless social dangers inherent in delaying the age of marriage…the person wishing to marry must have the capacity therefore.” Health and Sexuality Abortion in Saudi Arabia is mostly restricted.

The only situations in which the operation is permissible is when the woman’s life is at risk, and when it is needed either to preserve the physical or mental health of the woman.

There is a religious police force, the Mutawwa’in, that enforces these practices.

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The government does not allow the public expression, proselytizing, and meetings of religions excluding Islam.

Lashes can also be part of the sentence; and a hefty Customs fine if smuggled alcohol is involved.

The authorities also hand out stiff penalties to people found in possession of equipment for making alcohol.” Saudi Arabia also has one of the highest driving ages in the world at 25, and in addition does not allow women to drive.

It is just one of serveral human rights violations in a country where women face discrimination both in law and practice and those from the Shia minority have limited access to government services and employment.

Authorities have also detained and deported thousands of foreign migrants to free up jobs for citizens.

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